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Happy Veterans Day November 11 2011

As today we honor all veterans we give them thanks, for their service to their country. We must also honor all the disabled, MIA, and must honor those that in their course of service of their county gave the ultimate sacrifice in losing their life. We must thank the families of these Veterans who gave their love, sacrifice, and devotion to be a military family.

The community has a way to give thanks to our veterans and extended family; Applebees will be given to a veteran a free meal. Golden Carrol and Outback Steakhouse are also given some kind of deals.

The National Parks will open the park with free admission so their no time, like now, to get out and celebrate the freedom that our veterans help secure.

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Happy Birthday US Marine Corps 236 Years Old

Happy Birthday US Marine Corps 236 Years Old


To all the US Marine Corps Active, Retired, Disabled, and extended Marine Corps families happy birthday to you.

By Maj Gen Lejeune on November 1, 1921 through Marine Corps Order No 47 Series to dedicated that November 10, be declared US Marine Corps Birthday. The US Marine Corps was founded at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, PA in 1775.

 The Marine Corps established the Wounded Warrior Regiment April 1, 2007 to track and assist wounded Marines and Sailors. The Regiment headquarters is in Quantico, VA (703) 432-9071 and visit it on the web https://www.m4l.usmc.mil/.

“Semper Fidelis” (Ever Faithful) (1883)


US Marine Corps Video and copy of Marine Corps Hymn and Prayer


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General Eelection Day for Local Races

November 8, 2011

General Election day for local races is here now it does not matter what the democrats or republicans or independents have to say its our time to have our say. We as person with disability have been disfranchisement of our vote so long its time to get out vote and excise our right to choose.

Voters right have been protected for over 141 years on the based of race. For about 91 years the guarantee right for women to vote and self-determination. Then 1965 the Voters Rights act had said that it’s a civil right and that no law can be made to denied that right to vote or be denied to election process.

Under the United Nation Convention of Person with Disability have said that it our right of self-determination to be able to choose a candidate of our choice or be able to run for office. We must stand up and take a position to hold our elected official accountable for their actions and today is the time for doing it.

For local races lot of people skip them because of its local as result only about 30% show up to the polls that the case here in my community. That said it means that the locals races can be change and your vote does matter, so why not get out to vote.

Also call into the state election board if a site is non-accessible or a disabled voter’s right to confidential of his/her vote is not protect. Call your neighbors and friend to remind them today is election day.

Also the County must also produce effective communications for both the polls and election-related materials. Also if you’re receiving Public assistance the county must provide voter registration opportunities.

Under HAVA act of 2002 the state and counties must provide and improved accessibility and quantity of polling places, which in turn help person with disability achieve independence of exercising their to right to vote and choose a candidate of their choice.

Also a person with a disability you also have a right to be election worker and participate in the election process.

Voting machine must be able to handle all types of disabilities.

Under the MOVE ( Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment) has guarantee rights of Military personal and Overseas Voter to have their vote counted and to be able to have access to their ballots.

So why not get out vote today and have your say in the local races and choose your next elected official.


US Department of Justice Office of Civil Voter Rights


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Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park, Paterson, NJ is now # 397 US Park Unit

November 7, 2011

Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park, Paterson, NJ is now # 397 US Park Unit as of November 7, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. EDT. With both the DOI Secretary Salazar and NPS Director Jarvis will be joined with the local representative of the district to official claim this the New National Park.

This National Park play a pivotal role is shaping the American Industrial Revolution and economy of the US.

Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park address is 72 McBride Avenue Extension Paterson, New Jersey 07051.

So the next question is which park will be the 400th Park unit well here are some clues to that question.

  1. First State National Historical Park, I.e. New Castle-Eastern Shore
  2. Delaware National Bayshore I.e.; The possibility of Designating the first National Bayshore
  3. Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historical Park I.e.; Eastern Shore, Maryland where she was born
  4. Mississippi Coastal Heritage Trail I.e.; designation as a National Historic Trail
  5. Honey Springs Battlefield Park Southeastern OK I.e.; Designating as National Battlefield Park
  6. Blood Run National Historic Landmark Sioux City I.e.; Designating as National Historic Landmark




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Jobs Announcement for Person with a Disability (HHS and FDA Virtual Hiring Event) UPDATE

H.H.S. & FDA Virtual Hiring Event November 03, 2011 from 3 to 5. About 4 thousand had signed up for this event. They will send all copies of the slides and transcripts of the event to us. This was the best way for Federal government to save money and to reach the broadest amount of people. Also they were able used by sign language and open caption for this virtual hiring meeting. Plus also are going to do virtual interview so that you don’t have to go to their location. This was a great idea so that it saves time and money for both persons.

They had said; H.H.S. is the 6th largest Federal agency with over 65 K employee worldwide.

V.R., Career one stop centers, wounded warrior project, and veterans are the one helping with the hiring event.

The H.H.S. & FDA  Jobs announcements will open on November 14 and closed on November 18, 2011.

They had mention that you had to go to USA Jobs www.usajobs.gov

Create an account and when you upload a resume there is a 5, 000 word limit.

They also went through in how to read the vacancy positions. One of the important item to study is the duties section and this should reflex what is said in your resume.

How to apply section is the next section to follow it careful and exactly.

Occupational Assessment Questions are available and make sure you include them in your resume. This section is going to be the hardest to navigate and use due to if you make a mistake you can be thrown out of the system and not be considered for the job.

How a Resume should be done.

Resume; average resume it is 2 to 3 pages long where as a Federal resume is 3 to 5 pages long. You should not included driver’s licenses or SSN number, and are not need or is requested. This is also what call a functional resume at least in New York there is not too many Vocational Counselor that know how to put together these types of resume together. Hence the problem of a barrier to person with disability to obtain a job with the Federal Government. Plus you must have everything in electronic format so that you can submit them online.

Special Hiring Authority; you need to put on the resume. For person with disability need to include your schedule A letter and signed as an attachment to the resume.

Federal Experience; all types of the following; Military, Federal, State Government

Clearance; Indicate what level and if it’s still active

Skills summary, needs to have 3 elements; an introductory paragraph, list of skills directly related to the position and your skills you have acquired throughout your career that you want to highlight.

Accomplishments; is what thing that you did throughout your life that would help you transfer skills to this job.

Computer Software; list what types and what level you are proficient at it, and how many years you have use them.

Additional Training; credentials, recertification requirement, and amounts of hours of training.

Educations; what degree you have and if the application required a transcript then it needs to be submitted as attachment in electronic format.

Honors and awards; anything you like to share to the employer, ie it shows what kind of person you are and what other skills that might help you do your job better.

Volunteer work and community involvement; this could help with on the job experience, so included just like if it’s a job that you had.

Professional Associations; This helps and show what credentials you hold and how you’re able to continue to update your skills for the job you’re applying

References; You need to have at least 3 references including their contact information. Also need to notify the persons of what jobs you have applied.

They also have recommend that the functional resume sometimes is the only contact, so make sure that its grammar and spell check before submitting.


You can e-mail question about the event to 
Federal Employment of People with Disability; (US Office of Personnel Management)
USA JOBS Working for America
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# 397 US Park Unit (Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park, Paterson, NJ)

November 2, 2011

Well it got more official last night the City council of Paterson approve to move forward to donate the land for this national park. The dedication of our next 397th national park will take place on Monday November 7, 2011.

Great Falls is  77 foot high falls is second in size only to Niagara Falls in the eastern half of US. The park will encompass the Falls and several other mills, this is similar to Lowell National Historical park in Massachusetts.

Darren Boch will become the superintendent of the national park and he is a city native Paterson.


It was just reported by the Northjersey.com Tuesday, November 1, 2011 by  Nick Clunn Staff Writer the record

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Medicare Part B premiums for 2012 lower than projected

Medicare’s had stated that the premiums will instead be $99.90 that is $6 per month less. Also the Medicare Part B deductible will be down by $22. to cost of $140.

Also Medicare clients will continue to received free preventive services like the following;

  1. mammograms and cervical cancer screenings
  2. Cholesterol and other cardiovascular screenings
  3. colorectal and prostate cancer screenings
  4. Annual Wellness Visit

Medicare Part A premium will increase by $1.oo and the deductible by $24.00.

Medicare Part D premiums basic coverage will be $30.00.

Medicare had since 1997 under the anti-fraud program recovered over $18 billion dollars to give back to the medicare system.



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Fort Monroe, Hampton, VA was declared # 396 US Park Unit on Nov 1 2011

November 1, 2011

Fort Monroe was declared #396 US Park Unit under the Antiquities Act by President Barack Obama on Tuesday November 1, 2011 @ 1:45 in the afternoon. this the first time President Obama has used this act. Also only 14 presidents since 1906 has used the Antiquities Act to preserve some of the greats assets like Statue of Liberty and the Grand Canyon.

Fort Monroe dates all the way back to 1619 of a place where Dutch traders would bring enslaved Africans to be bought and sold, and during the civil war a place of refuge for escaped slaves.

President Obama had said this new national park will help create 3,000 jobs in Virgina and be the 22nd National Park in the state of Virgina. for which it will save about 570 acres of the site for future generations to come.


The White House Office of the Press Secretary Press Release November 01, 2011


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October commemorates National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM)

I was reading the US White House Office of Public Engagement blog (October 31, 2011) in where  Kathleen Martinez is Assistant Secretary of Disability Employment Policy at the Department of Labor was writing some of the accomplish that her agency has done over the last 10 years to help person with disability to get a job and removing these barriers.

My comments as followed in response to her feel good statements that are misleading in regards to person with disability in having opportunities for employment 

Person with disability are still continue denied access to Jobs at all levels of Federal, State, County, and Local Government with an unemployment rate of 66% with as much higher for severely disabled at 80% unemployment rate.

The Federal Government has been study job disability discrimination for over 90 years since the Smith/Fess Act of 1920 was created, and created the October disability awareness (day) in 1945 by President Harry Truman to study, reasearch and solved these problems.

The Federal Government still allows agencies to set policies and procedures of what qualification for entry-level positions are. What I mean is the when a job call is produce (US JOBS) and it said that the requirements is that we will train you to do the job and no experience need. Then why classified this basic job entry-level at GS 7 or higher which means the person has to have at least a Master degree or at least 150 college credits with 2 years experience. You don’t need that for a basic entry-level job will train you type of job. OPM still allows this type of discrimination to continue. Even the State Vocational Rehabilitation Office will only paid for up to a 2 year degree or some type of training that get you back in workforce in less than 2 years. Which not enough to get someone to a master degree to qualified for a GS 7 or higher. I’m not advocating that we lower the standards and qualification of a job to just give someone a job, but when  the qualification state know nothing we will train you. Then you need to have qualifications that meet the needs of that job.

 The Federal Government still fails to comply with Federal Law (Section 504) in make sure that Disability Manager are hired at all levels of government, for which these are what need to help these agencies meet its diversity goals.

The Federal Government still fails to comply with Federal Law (Section 503) in making sure that in Federal Contracts that there is an affirmative action plan in place to hired person with a disability when receiving these contracts.

If the Federal Government is serious about hiring person with disability then its needs to actually start hiring qualified person with a disability.

Solutions to problem;

  1. Federal Government Office of Personal Management (OPM) needs to draft and implement job classification/duties for both Disability Manger and Disability Contractor Manger. This will stop the practices of collateral duties for which the person does the job when they can get it done after their primary job classification is completed.
  2. Federal Government needs to start enforcing current Disability Civil Rights laws to move person with disabilities back into the workforce.
  3. Federal Government needs to hold accountable all Federal Grants given out to ensure that person with a disability have an equal opportunity just like everyone to apply and receive these grants.

Final comment if the Federal Government thinks they are doing a great job why is the unemployment rate for person with disability for the last  66 years have relativity stay the same or increase is certain areas of the country.



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