Example of Training Curriculum

Disability Awareness and Sensitivity Training

Objective: To learn about the culture of the Disabled Community through various lectures

Class time is 4 hours

1.      History of Disability Community                                                       15 mins

    1. Population
    2. Various types of disability Organization

2.      History of Disability Civil Rights Laws                                             35 mins

    1. 1968 Architectural Barrier Removal Act.
    2. 1973 Vocational Rehabilitation Act.
    3. 1990 American with Disability Act.
    4. Other Disability Civil Rights Laws.
  1. Disability Employment Civil Rights Laws:                                        20 mins
    1. Harassment Types

                 I.          Employer to Employee

                 II.          Employee to Employee

                 III.          Third party to Employee

    1. Reasonable Accommodation
    2. Medical Accommodation
    3. 504/ADA Coordinator
  1. Fears and Stereotypes:                                                                        20 mins
    1. What people think about the Disability Community?
    2. What the Employer thinks and says about the Disability Community through its policies and procedures?
    3. What the Employee thinks about the Disabled Community?
  1. Marketing to Person with Disability:                                                  50 mins
    1. What is the marketing potential of the Disability Community?
    2. Marketing to Person with Disability as relates to customer services.
  1. Removing building and architectural barrier to access for person with a disability:

50 mins

    1. Doing a survey of your site.
    2. Removing barriers at your site.
    3. Employee understanding how to communicate and accommodate person with a disability.
  1. Volunteers, Grants, Resources:                                                           10 mins
    1. C.D.B.G.
    2. State Parks and Recreational Grants
    3. Department of Transportation
    4. Volunteers
    5. IRS Tax Credits

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