Jobs Announcement for Person with a Disability (HHS and FDA Virtual Hiring Event)

FDA now announcing a jobs virtual hiring for person with a disability event this week of Oct 31 through Nov 4, 2011 with the following link

It seems that Federal Government has learned some of their mistake from the last job fair for person with disability that Federal Government did in April 2010. In where they said only 500 person with disability will be interview while thousands upon thousands had sent in their job ready applications in just only 4 weeks to go have an e-mail sent to them that the job ready application was delete and that if they get one of the 500 slot interview then they can resubmit it.

I hope that Federal Government starts to get serious about hiring person with disability to diversified their workforce.

The national average for person with a disability is at 66% unemployment rate with severely disability hovering around 80% unemployment rate.

This is not just a problem at the Federal Government but at all levels of State, County, Local Government for the diversity employment for person with disability.

Federal Government needs also to starting hiring Disability Managers as require by Federal Law. Plus needs to make sure there is a job classification for this position. This positions also needs not to be assigned as additional duties but actually job positions working on issue of person with disability that might come in contact with the organization of all its program, activities, and services that it has to offer.

Also the Federal Government needs to address and enforce the schedule A hiring requirements for person with a disability. Which state an affirmative action for hiring severely qualified person with disability in the Federal Government.

Also the Federal Government needs to address and enforce the Section 503 requirements. Which state an affirmative action hiring for qualified person with disability in receiving Governmental Contracts.


Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)

Office of Disability Employment Policy
Federal Employment of People with Disability; (US Office of Personnel Management)
USA JOBS Working for America
National Association of ADA Coordinators Home Page

About JPlanck

Jason Planck; I have been a disability advocate for over 25 years (1990) and continue to bring awareness about the needs and concerns of the disability community. I grew up in and around Southern California and Las Vegas Nevada after father retired from the military. I returned to upstate New York to help with my family in 1994 and I have remained here since. I have received an associate degree in 1998 from Adirondack Community College Queensbury New York in Business Administration My hobbies include visiting historical sites, traveling, cooking, bird watching, and photography. I have been a human rights disability defender and an advocate for persons with disabilities for the last twenty five years (1990), and I continue to advocate to help persons with disabilities to achieve independence and success in their lives. I have conducted disability sensitivity training for various companies and continue to do disability consulting and training work for compliance with disability civil rights laws. I’m currently writing a book on disability civil rights laws title: Disability Civil Rights Laws and Movements: An in depths look at the Executive Branch role from the President Woodrow Wilson through President George W. Bush administrations. I have received two grants from the following libraries to aid in traveling to the library; • John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum “Arthur M. Schlesinger Fellowship” • Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, Hyde Park, NY I continue to seek out grants to help in accomplishing the goal of being able to travel to the different Presidential Library to finish the work and publish a book. As of to date I have completed eight other presidents. One of my major goals for the next 10 years is to see acceptability and inclusion of persons with disabilities in the community and workplace. I will be able to accomplish the first part of this goal through education and awareness of the needs of the disabled community as human rights disability defender. Second part of the goal is to work with the community and the workplace to implement solution of full inclusion of the Disabled Community. -30-
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